Formals - Lets get Dressy

Are you thinking about wearing sandals? Well, with the rising temperatures, no one can blame you for wanting a little ventilation on your feet. Sandals wearers have been empowered so much in recent years, we can now ask if it’s acceptable to wear them to work. It’s a totally valid question. Female co-workers can wear open-toed shoes in the summer and let their feet breathe. Why shouldn’t men?

You need to step up your game if you are wearing sandals at office. You need to get a pair of sandals that can survive a 9 to 5 rather than just getting the newspaper in the morning. If you want to get a lot of fresh air, you should roll up your pants above the ankles and pull off a good pinroll. You should pinch your inseam and fold it in.

A dark pair of sandals with some pin-rolled black jeans and a shirt is a very strong office look that will set your feet free. It is a staple summer look that will gain you more style points.

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