Fashion Irresistible with INBLU International Premium Collection

INBLU, the international footwear brand from Condor has launched its International Premium Collection for Men & Women, inspired by thematic styles& patterns. With cushioned dual tone soles and new age style uppers, the Collection is aimed at the modern, young & trendy customer.

 The Collection offers a wide variety of mesmerizing designs spread over four themes: 

Timeless Trends for Women

Retro design is timeless, and looks trendy & never goes out of fashion. The Timeless Trends Collection is destined to be highly popular due to its emotional connect to the history of each of us that evokes nostalgia in all

Party Prom for Young Ladies

Get your Glow on with these fun party ideas from Prom Nite. Combined with Laser, Embroidery and Accessories, the Party Prom Collection is designed to bring out the diva in each of us.

Considered Craft for Men

A fresh focus on traditional craftsmanship is the new design trend in modern fashion. The Considered Craft Collection celebrates handmade processes to update basic shapes with more sophisticated designs, with the formal styles reworked with embroidery, welts and refined weaves, to bring out a new unique look.

Blue Denim Dazzling for Young Men

Few things are as classic and versatile as blue denim. You can wear it in different ways for almost any occasion. The Blue Denim Dazzling Collection celebrates this classic trend with a unique fusion of design. 

Unique Features of the INBLU International Premium Collection

a) Feather Light Footwear with High Grade Polyurethane Technology

b) Anatomically Flexible Design for enhanced Stability & increased Comfort

c) Anti-Skid Technology for Perfect Grip & Skid Resistance

d) Latex Memory Foam that evenly distributes pressure while walking

Featuring trendsetting international designs, the Collection is in-sync with Global Trends. The new International Premium Collection is Fashion Irresistible – You just cant have One.

The Collection is now live on our store. Make it your’s today.



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